Guerciotti e-bikes aren't designed to change your way of cycling, they are designed to give you one more option. Our e-bikes are assembled according to our known technical principles.

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Guerciotti Eureka I.ON

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Frame: Carbon monocoque frame designed by Guerciotti in the same way as the Eureka Air Disc’s (top of our muscular range) one. Produced in a single mold choosing a mix of top quality Japanese fibers, this frame will surprise you for its reliability and lightness. It is in fact reinforced at the points of maximum torsion and kept as stiff as possible. The result of this design effort is a complete e-bike with a maximum weight of 12.3 kg.

Motor: The rear wheel motor has been one of the pioneers of electrifying bicycles. Compared with middle motor is lighter, smoother and quiet. Furthermore it offers a direct power transfer to the wheel, avoiding power loss through the chain: the result is a more natural riding feel, close to the muscolar bikes.

Battery: Eureka I.ON features a German motor system by Innotorq. The idea behind this component is to make a pedelec look and perform as much as possible like a muscolar bike. No more design compromises, no limited control capabilities. Hello “Natural Ride”.

Price: Prices starting from 5,949.00 €

This bike is available in 3 variants. All Guerciotti bikes can be customized according to your own choice, with Shimano/Sram or Campangolo. Contact your Guerciotti dealer for more information.

Guerciotti Eureka I.ON geometry