Guerciotti e-bikes aren't designed to change your way of cycling, they are designed to give you one more option. Our e-bikes are assembled according to our known technical principles.

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Guerciotti Greto I.ON

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Frame: Greto’s 7075 DB aluminum frame, concrete and lightweight, recalls the essence of gravel. The comfortable geometries of this bike are aimed at an amateur audience, who, however, will be able to count on high-end solutions such as cable integration. To keep the bike lightweight and to ensure important frontend performance, a monocoque carbon fork has been mounted on Greto

Motor: Greto I.ON’s electric assistance is powered by a powerful 250 watt Italian motor, with a maximum torque of 70 N / m. Polini E-P3 boasts a unique design, compact size and lower weight than the e-bike motors available on the market today. Polini E-P3 offers 5 different levels of assistance. In addition, the 6 km / h walk assistance mode is available, which can be activated via the display and useful if you need to push your Brera I.ON by hand.

Battery: Greto I.ON is equipped with a 500 Wh lithium-ion battery, which will give you a range of assistance up to 220 km. Its special design allows it to be integrated within the frame. The battery support, designed to reduce the visual impact, is made of drawn aluminum. It also integrates perfectly with the engine mount, hiding the control cables inside.

Price: Prices starting from 5,649.00 €

This bike is available in 2 variants. All Guerciotti bikes can be customized according to your own choice, with Shimano/Sram or Campangolo. Contact your Guerciotti dealer for more information.

Guerciotti Greto I.ON geometry