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Guerciotti Escape

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Escape is the next Guerciotti icon. A top-of-the-range gravel bike with a dual soul, born to compete, which will be able to satisfy the many road cyclists who are approaching the gravel movement. Elastic but at the same time extremely stiff in rebound, Escape is available in two versions. On Escape G you will find the preparation for the luggage rack and you will have the chance to mount wide tires up to 42 mm, while with Escape S you will make a more extreme choice. Tighter dimensions, for a “racing” gravel that can mount tires up to 38 mm and that is designed to face gravel competitions and at the same time for road use, simply by changing the wheelset.

Frame: The Escape gravel frame is made of monocoque carbon fiber with a very high modulus, worked in full EPS resin. Inside the mold develops a pressure of about 12-13 at which is distributed in such a way uniform over the entire monolithic area, avoiding the formation of imperfections. Despite providing an inclination standard, the fork is designed to shorten the trail. This characteristic, derived from cyclocross, makes the stiffer bike and more responsive when changing direction.

Price: Prices starting from 4,699.00 €

This bike is available in 3 variants. All Guerciotti bikes can be customized according to your own choice, with Shimano/Sram or Campangolo. Contact your Guerciotti dealer for more information.

Guerciotti Escape geometry